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Flavonoids are a group of secondary plant substances, including a large amount of flower pigments. There are about 8,000 compounds in nature. Flavonoids can be found in all plants, and so they also form part of our diet. They’re particularly credited for their antioxidant properties. Numerous plants containing flavonoids are used for medicinal purposes.

Free radicals
An increasing number of environmental factors are causing the increased development of free radicals. These include nicotine, UV radiation, medication, electronic smog, stress, inflammation and frequent meat consumption. We also consume many harmful substances through our diet (pesticides, fertilisers, additives…). Changes in our eating habits have led to a reduced intake of antioxidants. The average diet includes fewer regional fruit and vegetables with more meat and flour products. Exhausted, nutrient-poor soil is being used to grow monoculture crops, causing a decline in the amount of nutrients contained in fruit and vegetables. This problem is compounded by early harvests and long transport routes.