Aroniabeere – eine Powerbeere voller Vitamine

Aronia – a power berry full of vitamins

We wouldn’t survive without vitamins. Vitamins are essential nutrients contained in our diet that our body needs to perform its vital functions. They make us fit, healthy and beautiful, and let us live a longer life. You’d think that everyone would get enough vitamins in a highly developed country like Germany. This couldn’t be further from the truth… The affluent society in which we live makes us hectic, sick and lonely. Food certainly isn’t what it used to be, imported from countries located thousands of miles away and lacking in nutrients. Vitamin deficiency is a widespread problem.

Vitamin deficiency in Germany

A national nutrition survey conducted in Germany has found vitamin deficiency to be a widespread problem. One third of Germans don’t even get 100 mg of vitamin C every day. There’s also a significant deficiency of vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin D. And these are just the most important vitamins that many people try to get through nutritional supplements.

We may have an abundance of food, but we also suffer from a lack of vitamins. The reason for this is our poor diet. Fast food, ready meals and supra-regional products aren’t good for your body. We eat too much meat, way too much fat and far too little fruit and vegetables. Statistics suggest that men eat around 103 grams of meat a day, while women eat half this amount. Around 60% of Germans eat way too little fruit – and that applies to both men and women.

Obwohl es bei uns Lebensmittel im Überfluss gibt, gibt es auch Vitaminmangel. Grund dafür ist eine falsche Ernährung. FastFood, Fertiggerichte und überregionale Produkte tun Ihrem Körper nicht gut. Wir essen zu viel Fleisch und zu viel Fett und viel zu wenig Obst und Gemüse. Laut Statistik essen Männer circa 103 Gramm Fleisch am Tag, bei den Frauen ist es immer noch die Hälfte. Etwa 60 Prozent der Deutschen essen viel zu wenig Obst – und das betrifft Frauen und Männer.

Why a vitamin deficiency is such a disaster…

If you have a vitamin deficiency, it won’t take you long to realise, because you just won’t feel fit any more. A lack of vitamins can also cause serious medical conditions. A lack of vitamin C causes fatigue, listlessness, a weakened immune system, low iron intake and other conditions. Vitamin C is involved in over 15,000 metabolic processes, acts as an antioxidant to combat free radicals, detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system.

A lack of vitamin B9, commonly known as “folic acid”, can cause cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis. A lack of vitamin E can cause high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. As you can see, we’re utterly lost without vitamins.

What the aronia berry can do for you and your vitamin levels…

Aronia berries are little power packs that can help you enjoy a healthy diet. Chokeberries are a source of vitamin C, vitamin B9, vitamin B2, vitamin K, vitamin E and provitamin A. Taking just a few fresh or dried berries or aronia juice every day is enough to make a positive change to your vitamin intake. Increasing your vitamin intake will also benefit your appearance. Getting enough vitamins will give you a fresh and healthy look, as they support the development of healthy, firm and fresh skin.