Personal Experiences

After my 72nd birthday I started waking up in the mornings still feeling tired. I began to take 100 ml Aronia juice every day and my vitality was not only restored but I also no longer suffered from hay fever or had a single cold or throat infection. I am now 76 years-old and think I will live healthily for at least another 30 years with the Aronia berry.
H.R. from Germany
A few years ago, I was diagnosed with glaucoma and my doctor recommended Aronia powder which I have been taking regularly since. Every morning I mix it into my yoghurt for breakfast. The pain in my eyes has improved significantly and the last examination with the doctor showed that my intraocular pressure is almost back to normal.
SY.J. from South Korea
I have been suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes for a long time and have also taken medication for this. About two years ago, I discovered Aronia juice and have been drinking it every day since then. After only three months, it was possible to adjust the dose of my medication and after only one year, I didn’t need to take any more tablets and I still don’t today.
C.J. from Denmark